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The Owners


At Loblolly Rise Wedding Venue, we aren't a Board of Directors, we don't have shareholders, and we don't have investors, we have US...the 4 of us. 100% we are a family owned small business.


Hi! Whitney here and this is the fam...husband Brian, daughter Harbor, and son, Slate. Brian does most of the mowing, weed-eating, painting, and he's the "it's broken, I'll fix it guy."


 I do the emails, the tours, the scheduling, the marketing, and a lot of the cleaning...a lot! *my list never ends. The kids, well they just love to pickup pinecones {insert sarcasm}. They are working kids for sure! Harbor cleans the bridal cottage from time to time and Slate mostly manages the pond when he’s not picking up sticks & pinecones.

When we aren't at Loblolly, we like to spend time in the woods of Montana which is where these pictures were taken. 


Come visit us at Loblolly!

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