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Pricing, Schedule a Tour & Reserve a Date 
Scroll Down to the Calendar to See if your Date is Open

  • To see a price sheet, schedule a tour, or to reserve a date for your wedding or event, fill out our contact us form (click here)  or email us at saying you are ready to book "XYZ" date if it is still available. Prior to booking a date, we hope you are able to come out in person to visit us at Loblolly. You can request a tour (or a Facetime tour if you live out of the area) but an in person tour is not required prior to booking a date.

  • Pricing varies by the months and seasons as well as the day.  

  • As long as we don't have a wedding or event going on, we're flexible on times & dates when it comes to tours...weekdays, weekends, mornings, afternoons...whatever you need.  We realize people have jobs and aren't able to come out during normal business hours.  If you need a tour late in the afternoon we totally understand.  A tour will last about 30 to 40 minutes usually. 

  • Wedding & Event dates are reserved on a first requested basis. Whomever has requested to start the contract process from us by email first for a specific date will be first in line.

  • When the contract is signed, to continue holding the date, we require $1,000 down. The final installment will be required 30 days prior to the event.

Up to Date Calendar of Weddings & Events

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