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What is a Loblolly?  

It's a pine tree of the southern US that has very long slender needles and is an important source of timber.

How many weddings/events to you have per day?

Just one event per day.

How big is the barn/ reception area?

The main reception area is 5,000 square feet.  This square footage doesn't include the kitchen, grooms quarters, and restroom areas.

Do you have plenty of parking?

Tons of parking and you do not need a parking attendant unless you just want one. Parking is behind the barn.


Do we need an onsite police officer?

You do not.

How many guests can the barn hold?

About 250-275-ish

Does the price change if we have fewer guests? 

No, it doesn't matter if you have 6o guests or 200 guests...the price is the same.

Is the gate open on wedding days?

Yes, it's open

Can we have sparklers for our EXIT?

Yes, you just need a bucket of water or sand for guests to place them afterwards. 

Can we shoot off fireworks?

Not unless you have approval. 


Are the chandeliers on dimmers?

Yes, they have dimmers.  The switches are located in hallway near the kitchen.  We recommend dimming the lights once the party really gets started.  Your guests will dance the night away if the lights aren't so bright.


Do you have fans in the barn?

Yes. They come on with a flip of a switch. 

Are all of those chandeliers, white lights, and white draping yours?

Yes, all of that belongs to Loblolly, it will be there for your event as well.

Is there a fireplace?

Yes, working wood fireplace. You can have a fire with no extra cost. You would need to supply your own wood.

Can we have real candles?

Yes, but the fire from the candle has to be contained and there needs to be something to catch the wax so we aren't scrapping wax off of tables and the floor.

Can we have sparklers for our EXIT?

Yes! But do the EXIT out of the barn and please have something for your guest to put the sparklers in when finished. Maybe a bucket of sand or water.


Do you have a kitchen for the caterer?

Yes, we do! Catering can also bring their own grills, fryer, smoker, whatever. They can use the kitchen for final touches and warming. There's a refrigerator/freezer, plenty of prep space/countertops, storage under countertops, a 3 bay sink, and an oven. Yes, there's AC in the kitchen as well. There's also a big bay sink just outside the kitchen as well. The kitchen will be clean when your caterer arrives, it needs to look that same way when they leave. We let the caterer park their trucks, etc. in the back of the barn so they can get to the kitchen easily but they are the only ones. Please tell the catering staff to park in the parking area NOT behind the kitchen. 3mm trash bags are the ONLY trash bags allowed on site.

Do you have an ice maker?

Yes, we have a commercial size ice-maker for bartending or whoever needs ice. 

Barn Size (The actual event space)

100 feet x 50 feet...5,000 square feet

Fireplace Mantle Size 

10 inches × 62 Inches

Do you have restrooms?

Yes, for men and one for women. 2 stalls in each so a total of 4. Both restrooms have AC or heat.


Do you have somewhere for a ceremony?

Yes, we do. We have three oak tree, a larger than usual pine tree, or some couples  exchange vows in front of the pond.   The oak tree area already has an arch in place.  You're more than welcome to decorate the arch with draping or floral. If you want to bring in your own ceremony backdrop then you would get married at the pine tree location.  The area in front of the pond would also require a ceremony backdrop as well if you thought it needed one. 

Is there lighting at the ceremony areas?

Yes, we have added white outdoor bistro (Edison) lights in the ceremony areas. 

Is there power at the ceremony area?

Yes, the DJ or sound person just needs to bring their own extension cord with a dual plug at one end so they can plug into our Edison lights and then also plug into their equipment.

Do you provide ceremony chairs?

We have ceremony chairs that we rent back ($4 per chair) if you choose to use our chairs, however you're not required to use our ceremony chairs.  If there's a vendor that has a different chair that you like better, by all means you're welcome to use their chairs.

If we use your chairs, do you set them up?

We will put them in the ceremony area of your choice in groups of 10 but you or your wedding planner would be required to actually put them in the order you would like.  Loblolly will put them back up the next day. 



Do you have an area for the bride to get ready in?

Yes, we do. We have a rather beautiful bridal cottage that's steps away from the ceremony & reception area.

How big is the bridal cottage?

It's an open floor plan. So the living area, the kitchenette, the king

size bed, and dressing area are all in one room...sort of like a studio apartment. There's also a private bathroom with a shower and two sinks.  The bridal cottage has air-condition.  

Can we bring our snacks and drinks into the cottage?

Of course! There's not an ice maker in the cabin however there's a refrigerator, a Keurig coffee maker, and a microwave.

Do you have wine glasses and coffee cups in the cottage?

Yes, we do...but very few. We recommend you bring drinking cups such as wine or solo cups as well.

Are there plenty of plugs for curling irons, etc.?

There are a total of 6 plugs in the main part of the cottage and two more in the bathroom.


Do you have an area for the groom to get ready in?

Yes, we do. We have a "groom room" on the back of the barn.

How big is the groom area?

It's about the size of master bedroom. It has a leather couch and

chairs for seating. A coffee table, side tables, and hooks for hanging up suits, etc.  

Can we smoke cigars in there?

No, thank you, but you're welcome to smoke just outside the room.

Can we drink beer in there?

Of course! Bring your coolers! Just make sure they don't leak

on the floor.


Can we have a rehearsal the day before our wedding?

Sure! As long as we don't already have an event booked. And please keep in mind we could book a last minute event at any point.

Do you charge extra for a rehearsal?

We don't. Rehearsals are free of charge.

How long do we get for our rehearsal?

Two hours.  We need to know your window of time so that we can open and close the main gate. 

Where do we park for the rehearsal?

In the parking area which is located behind the barn.

Can we drop stuff off in the barn and the cottage while we are at the rehearsal?

Possibly…just ask us.




We have Gold Chiavari Chairs with cushions OR Garden Chairs that can be used for your ceremony and/or reception. They are $4 each. You're not required to use our chairs.  


4 Heaters...$60 each.  You can let us know the week of your event if you want to rent the heaters or not. 

Overnight Stay in the Bridal Cottage:

Depends on the night.  Ranges from $150 - $250


Do you require certain vendors?

We welcome any and all vendors at Loblolly. We have suggestions

of course but again you can use who you want. We have vendor list we can email you, just ask!


We have an air conditioned kitchen located in the back left corner of the barn. You can access the kitchen from the back of the barn and also from the main area of the barn. Catering, please park directly behind the barn. We have a refrigerator, oven, sink, microwave, and stove. The kitchen is for final preparations and warming, not necessarily for cooking all day. There's also an outdoor sink area as well as plenty of space for grills or fryers if your menu calls for such. We have a large ice maker as well.

Do you require a wedding planner OR day of coordinator?

We don't require one, but it's definitely recommended.  



What is an elopement wedding?

This is a separate collection outside the "normal" wedding that we offer for those that want a smaller wedding. These smaller weddings are more intimate affairs, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale.  This collection offers ceremony & reception setup, photography, the wedding cake, floral arrangements, the officiant, table settings, beer & wine, and much more! 

What is included in the price?

*Includes Bridal Cabin & Groom Quarters for Getting Ready\

*Includes of professional photography with all images copyright free and edited (Photography includes getting ready, ceremony, reception, sparkler send off...we will create a timeline before the wedding

* Choice of ceremony area....inside the barn or the arch, the oak tree, or the pine tree.  Ceremony setup...decor of your choice (possibly whiskey barrels, cross, lanterns...this is something we discuss), chairs or benches for guests seating.

*Includes the bridal bouquet and the groom's boutonniere.

*Cake table with Wedding "naked" Cake.  1 tier, white cake with buttercream icing. Includes flowers for the cake, cake stand, cake cutting tools, cake plates, cake forks.  (A second tier can be added for an additional $80)


*Includes candles for the cake table.


Includes flowers, greenery, and candles for the bride & groom table and all guest tables.

*Tables will have high end disposables, real silverware, real wine glasses, real water/tea goblets, linen napkins.

*Decorated mantle with candles

*Fire in fireplace if wanted...depending on time of year.  If not, we will put candles inside the fireplace.  Firewood would need to be purchased by the bride and groom, insurance will not let us provide the wood. 

*A bottle of champaign, case of beer, 3 bottles of wine. Includes bar setup with wine glasses, ice for beer, etc.  Bar in setup for self pour. A bartender can be hired out if wanted...additional $200. 

*Champaign bucket and flutes for drinking and toasting. (This is usually on the cake table.)

*Bluetooth Speaker with your playlist.

*Other random decor that we have such as wooden lanterns, wooden bench, a lounge/living room area in front of the fireplace.

*Setup and cleanup

*Overnight Stay in the cabin...checkout by 10am the next day


How do I reserve a date?

 To reserve a date, fill out the contact us form (click here) or email us at saying you are ready to book "XYZ" date if it is still available. We suggest you email us stating you are ready to book your preferred date and then include a backup date in case your preferred date is unavailable. Prior to booking a date, we hope you are able to come out in person to visit Loblolly. You can request a tour (or a FaceTime tour if you live out of the area) but an in person tour is not required prior to booking a date. Dates are reserved on a first requested basis. Whomever has requested to start the contract process from us by email first for a specific date will be first in line.




last 4: 3310

Where are you located exactly?
Our gate and driveway are located directly off of 319 south (Thomasville Road).  We are just over the Georgia/Florida line on the Georgia side. If you are coming from Tallahassee, we are about 10 minutes north of Chiles High school.  You will pass the sign that says "Welcome to Georgia" and then take your 2nd U-turn, drive about 300 yards and turn right into our driveway.  We are in the southbound lane of Thomasville Road.  We have white fencing with a Loblolly Rise sign out front. If you pass the Texaco and Turner's furniture, you've already gone too far.  If you're coming from Thomasville or Cairo then you will turn directly into our driveway without making any u-turns.  If you pass the sign that says "Welcome to Florida", you've gone 1/2 too far.  

Will Uber come to Loblolly?

Getting one out here is easy, but not as reliable to get back.

Are all the lights and draping that are hanging from the ceiling yours?

Yes, the lights and the draping will be up for your wedding or event.

Do you offer collections or packages?

If you book a "normal" wedding, we are just the venue. You would be responsible for hiring your own vendors, such as catering, photographer, florist, etc.  We also offer a  small "elopement" wedding collection, sorta like a smaller wedding. (see below).  

Do you have reception furniture we can use?

Yes, lots! We have tables, bar areas, cake tables, and more! These items are included in the price, we don't charge extra for these items. You're not required to use our furniture however it's there if

you need it.

Can we smoke in the barn?

No thank you. But just outside the barn is fine with us. Just please put your cigarette butts in the trash or other designated areas so they don't end up in the grass.

Can we bring in our own decor and furniture and rent additional items such as more tables and chairs?

Of course! Bring whatever you would like! 

Is there power in the barn?

Yes, lots of plugs...plenty!  

What is the building capacity?  

275-ish including the bridal party.

If we have an area for a live band? 

Yes, we do.  However, no stage.  The band would be required to bring in their own stage if they want one. 

Can we serve alcohol?

Absolutely! You don't need to have a licensed bartender BUT you must have a bartender if you are serving. They need 3mm trash bags for our trash cans.

What are your major rules?

No confetti, no glitter, no streamers, no driving on the grass, and please be sure to use contractor trash bags, 3mm which you can only purchase at Home Depot, Lowes, or ACE. 

Can guests see at night to get back to their car?

Yes, we have a light that shines in the area.

Who cleans up after our wedding?

By no means do we expect you to "clean".  We will obviously clean the restrooms after you exit, wipe down tables, etc.  We just need whatever you brought in gone after the wedding so we can clean properly.  Vendors, such as your caterer, are responsible for their clean-up. 

How do you handle trash?

We have two options for trash.  One, you can pay $200 for us to get your trash from the back of the barn to our dumpster.  Two, you can put your own trash in our dumpster.  Either way, all trash needs to be in actual 3mm bags...boxes need to broken down, floral needs to be in a bag as well. IF Loblolly is responsible for moving the trash from the barn to the dumpster, catering and bartending need to  make sure they aren't packing the bags so full that we can lift them.  We need to be able to swing the bags up into the dumpster. 

Do you have a ladder and dollies to help us with moving furniture and decorating?


Do we need a Georgia marriage license? 

If you want it be legal, yes you need a Georgia marriage license.  Loblolly Rise is located in Grady County (Cairo, GA) BUT we have a Thomasville, GA address.  

You can apply for a marriage license from your county probate court. You must be at least 18 years old and have no living spouse from a prior un-dissolved marriage in order to be issued a marriage license. 

If at least one of the people getting married is a resident of Georgia, a marriage license can be issued at a probate court in any county. If neither person is a resident of Georgia, the license must be issued in the county where the ceremony is taking place (Grady County). Both parties must be present in order to obtain a marriage license.

You will need proof of age, proof of divorce (if applicable), and a method of payment when applying for a marriage license. The signed marriage license should be returned to the probate court within 30 days of the ceremony. You will then receive your marriage certificate in the mail within 30 days.  Sometimes your wedding officiant will handle returning the signed license after your ceremony...just ask your officiant if they provide this service. 

Information for obtaining your license:

Grady County Clerk of Court

250 North Broad Street
Cairo, GA 39828
Phone: (229) 377-2912

Are there plenty of mirrors?  LOTS!

Do you have air conditioning and heat in the cabin? Yes, both.

Is there a television? Yes, it's a smartTV

Can we move the furniture around in the cabin?

If you need to do so, but please move it back before leaving Loblolly.

Can we spend the night in the cottage?

Sure! There's a king size bed with linens as well as clean towels and washcloths.

*Getting Ready in the cabin is included in the overall price, spending the night in the cabin is an extra charge.

Do we need to strip the bed when we leave?

Nope, we got it.


*Don't forget your bluetooth speaker so you can have some tunes when you get ready!


Is there AC? Yes.

Are there mirrors? Yes.


*Don't forget your bluetooth speaker so you can have some tunes when you get ready! 

*Bring corn-hole or fish in the pond (catch & release) so you have something to do while the girls get ready.  Most set up corn-hole right outside the groom area.


If we have the venue booked on Saturday for a wedding, can we set up Friday?

You get two hours free of charge on Friday, usually to preform the rehearsal.  IF we already have an event booked on Friday, then you would need to find a different day to have your rehearsal.  If you want to book Friday for set up, rehearsal, decorate, etc. you absolutely can.  Because you've already rented Saturday at full price by no means do we charge you full price for Friday.  Friday rental fee is $1500 assuming you've booked Saturday as well.  If you did decide to book the Friday as well, access time begins at Noon on Friday until 11pm.

Can we drive on the grass?

No thanks! We need to make sure everything stays pretty not just for your wedding but for all weddings. There's an unload area in front of the barn, the back of the barn, and at the ceremony area.


You may schedule your bridal and/or engagement photo sessions on the property free of charge if you have scheduled the venue for your wedding/event. Just contact us to schedule the property for a photo shoot. If you do not have an event scheduled here, please have your photographer contact us to discuss using the location for photo shoots.  All professional photographers should tag Loblolly Rise when posting on social media. 

Can I hire a band? 

Of course!  There's power outlets on all the walls however there's an area on the back center wall where there are 3 large outlets that will handle a lot of power.  We don't have a stage.  If the band requires a stage, they would need to handle this on their own.

Can I hire a DJ?

Sure!  We have power outlets on all the walls so a DJ can go anywhere.

Can my florist staple or use double sided tape on the walls, the ceremony arch or the mantle in the barn?

Yes, but please remove them after your event. Please no large nails or screws.  

How many guests can we have for the "elopement" collection? 

Up to 50 including the bride and groom

What days do you offer the "elopement" collection?

Monday- Thursday...possibly a Sunday.

What's the price?

 Base price starts at $3000

*For any additional guests beyond the bride and groom, each guest is an additional $40 on top of the $3000.  

*For example, if you invited 20 guests…your total would be $3000 + $800 (20 guest x’s $40 per guest) = $3800

Sundays are an option as well, but base price is $3500. 

What about catering food?

You would be responsible for hiring and paying for your own food.  We are happy to work with your caterer of choice to  make sure the buffet tables are setup for them.  We will also work with them on the water/tea station. 

Can we hire a DJ or a band for the elopement collection?

Sure!  You would be responsible for hiring and paying for their services. 

Is there a payment to hold the date? When are the additional payments due?

Yes. When the contract is signed, to continue holding the date, we require a $1,000 payment. The final installment will be required 30 days prior to the event.


Do you offer a payment plan?

We prefer not to do a payment plan, but if that's the only way you can do things we totally understand. Payment plans need to go through a Venmo account...that way it's easier to keep track of what's been paid and when. 

How do you take payment? 

We can take cash, check, or you can do a credit card but it's a 3% fee on your end. We also have Venmo or Cash App if that helps as well.  If you decide to use Venmo, we ask that you don't click the refunds button...we end up paying double taxes if you do.  

How do we sign the contract?

We will send you a link and you can look it over and sign it from your computer or phone. 

Do we need to purchase day of event insurance?

You do. Try google first, use your local agent, or use Your rate will depend on two things...are you serving alcohol? And about how many guests are coming to your event? You're probably looking around $150ish for this policy. We realize this is an extra cost, but keep in mind you are the ones serving the drinks, not Loblolly so this policy will protect you as's peace of mind all the way around. *The minimum amount required by Loblolly is $1,000,000.  Please email your documents to Loblolly once you have them.*

What's your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your date please let us know ASAP so that we can at least TRY to rebook the date.  IF you cancel within 8 months of your wedding/event date, your final payment will STILL BE DUE.  Why?  Most people book their wedding within a 6 month to 2 year window.  If you cancel say within 3 to 4 months of your date, it's almost impossible for us to rebook the date at that point.  Once we block out a date for you, we take it seriously, as we hope you do as well. 

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