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Bread & Wine | Martha Stewart Weddings | Loblolly Rise Plantation | Thomasville Georgia | Wedding Tablescapes

Enhancing Wedding Tablescapes with Bread and Wine

Wedding Tablescapes don't have to be boring! Bread & Wine! #addiction Right? Who agrees?!?! 🥖🍷 Bread is such a common wedding food, we suggest you go above and beyond to make your offerings stand out! Luckily, bread can be as pretty as it is tasty, so don’t be afraid to work a loaf 🍞 or two into your décor! PLUS It’s affordable & your guests will have something to munch on while they wait for their place in the buffet line! Who doesn’t love a bread basket?!? 🧺

And don’t forget the wine!!! 🍷 Why should guests walk all the way to the bar for a refill?!? A wine bucket on the actual table is a classy touch! Think 🤔…restaurant setting!

You can find affordable baskets & buckets on #amazon or check your local #thriftshop!

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