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History of the Property

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History of Loblolly Rise

People ask all the time..."So what's the name of the place again?" Lob-lolly! Loblolly Rise!

The Story

Before the current owners, Brian and Whitney Fletcher, former Florida Governor LeRoy Collins owned the property...well his two daughters and their families owned it after the Governor passed away. When Governor Collins owned it he named it "Loblolly Farms". For the city-folks out there, Loblolly is a fancy way to say, "pine tree".

When the current owner, Whitney Whitehurst-Fletcher, was a little girl, her dad ran cattle on the property which again at the time was owned by LeRoy Collins. Whitney fished, played, cut fire wood, and rode horses on the property with her family. Her poor horse "Honey" was hit by lightning and is even buried on the property.

When Brian and Whitney started looking for the perfect piece of property for their new adventure...barn weddings and events, they knew that Loblolly Rise would be a beautiful match. Loblolly wasn't on the real estate market, however after talking with the two families they decided that selling to Brian and Whitney Fletcher would be a good idea.

Keeping the name "Loblolly" was important to Brian and Whitney, keeps the history alive, honors the governor and his family.

So when you say Loblolly, think "pine tree". Quite fitting considering the property is located in plantation alley between Tallahassee and Thomasville.


a pine tree of the southern US that has very long slender needles and is an important source of timber.