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Real Weddings and Events: Click on the calendar link to find out what dates are available at Loblolly Rise Plantation. We look forward to meeting you at your tour! You can also follow us on fb here and we are on Instagram as well @Loblolly_Rise_Weddings. Loblolly Rise Plantation is a wedding venue located between Tallahassee, Florida and Thomasville, Georgia in the plantation belt. You will love the privacy, the barn, the cabin, the ceremony areas, the fireplace, the drapes, the tables, everything! Call us today for your tour! We are booking for the year 2020 and 2021. We allow sparklers, candles, and other decor to make your day beautiful and dreamy. Saturdays go fast…they are the most popular! However, we do offer Friday and Sunday weddings at a discounted price! We don’t just have weddings, we offer other events such as Christmas parties, bridal showers, anniversaries, sorority and fraternity events, and much more! Our bridal cabin is also available for rent through AirBnb! Haven’t tried Airbnb? You should! Here’s the link for the airbnb rental . The cabin might be our favorite part of the whole property!

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We are Open

YES! We Are Open! Can you believe this is all happening?!?! What a crazy time! BUT all is good here! It’s business as usual out here at Loblolly! 3 weddings this weekend! Our clients have worked so hard to make their day beautiful & special and we are looking forward to seeing their celebration! We are open. We wash our hands. Our air is fresh. We are still scheduling tours. We are open.

People!!! Support your local businesses as much as you can during these crazy times…they (we) will need you! #loblollyrise Not just us, but local stores, restaurants, etc. Even if you don’t want to shop there, you could always buy a gift certificate online to use in the future at your favorite boutique and favorite out the eat spot!


True Story! All of this Coronavirus mess will be over before we know it and let’s face it, most of you are booking 6 months to a year out for your big day! So yes, for sure, 100% we are still in full operation and in full swing. Loblolly Rise is not required to close down and we aren’t. There’s no way we can! Our clients have worked too hard to postpone things. Not to mention all the vendors that are involved….the caterer, the photograper, the florist, etc. Keep all that in mind! This too will pass!

Please, if you are looking for a wedding venue, we would love to show you around and give you all the details to help you plan the wedding of your dreams! Shoot us an email and we will get you on the books….www.loblollyrise.com.

Wedding Venue

Bethan & Joshua | Whitney Fletcher Photography

A beautiful day for a wedding! Family and friends helped decorate our wedding venue with flowers and centerpieces, the weather was amazing, the girls were dressed in blush pink bridesmaids dresses, the boys wanted their sunglasses, the reception was filled with dancing, fried chicken, and a few cowboy hats, and dad couldn’t get it together and was in total ahhhh for his daughter, Bethany. It was a perfect day for a wedding at Loblolly Rise! Thank you Bethany and Joshua for choosing us for your special day! If you’re looking for a venue in the Tallahassee or Thomasville area we would love to show you around, click here to schedule your tour!

Photographer: Whitney Fletcher Photography

Wedding Venue: Loblolly Rise

Caterer: Boston Cafe

DJ: Todd Doss

Gypsy Belle Photo Bus |

Gypsy Belle Photo Bus at Loblolly Rise in Tallahassee: This is the perfect addition to your wedding! This photo booth is so cute, so fun….your wedding guest will totally LOVE this! Check out their information and link to their website below.

The Bus


Meet Vada, an original 1978 vintage VW bus with a modern surprise inside. She’s a little bit hippie and a lot sweet tea southern. Vada wants to spend her retirement being the life of your party or special event. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or just a back yard bbq, Vada will bring the extra spark.

The Booth

The bus features a first class PBi12 photobooth featuring Darkroom software with a DLSR Camera, DNP professional printer, 12inch touch screen and stylish LED light ring . Your event will come complete with unlimited photo strips, social media sharing and can instantly text your photos!

You’ll get major props for your event

Vada the Gypsy Belle Photo Bus with people posing with Darth Vader and Bunny Mask.

Why be boring? Stand out with these crowd pleasers as Vada comes jam packed with props to make your event a one of a kind experience! You’ll step inside and back in time to make unforgetable, one of a kind memories with your friends and family.  Grab a prop, make a silly face, and say CHEESE!

Y’all this is so affordable!

You get Vada and a trained photo booth attendant for 4 hours including:

Unlimited Photos

Unlimited Prints for your guests

Digital Copies of all photos

Social Media Sharing 

Customized Templates 

Huge Selection of Props

Free setup and take down 

Unlimited Smiles Included!

Only $1000.00

$150 each additional hour 

*travel fee may apply if event is 50 miles outside of Tallahassee

Gypsy Belle Photo Bus at Loblolly Rise in Tallahassee

Photos below are by Whitney Fletcher Photography

Wedding Venue: Loblolly Rise

Elopement Weddings at Loblolly Rise | Tallahasse Wedding Venue

Elopement Weddings at Loblolly Rise are offered at Loblolly Rise Monday – Thursday and well…they are amazing! Why?
One, they are affordable. Two, they are intimate. Three, they are easy because Loblolly does most of the work!

What’s Included?

Elopement Weddings at Loblolly Rise : Wedding cake with cake stand, knife, plates, forks, champagne with champagne bucket and flutes for toasting, real flowers on all tables including cake table and bar areas, decor and candles on the mantle, candles everywhere really, real plates, forks, and glassware for place settings, two bottles of wine and a case of beer (you can bring more if you want), bluetooth speaker for background music, overnight stay in the cabin, ceremony area setup, bridal bouquet, boutonniere for groom, cabin for the bride getting ready, groom area for the groom getting ready, officiant for ceremony, and 2 hours photography by (Whitney Fletcher Photography) with rights to digital files, & two catered meals for the bride and groom. ALL OF THIS FOR $2,000.


Sure! You can add more people.

up to 10 people an additional $500 – $800

up to 30 people an additional $1500 – $2000

*Sparkler EXIT as well is included.

*Once you add more people (other than the bride and groom) you are required to get outside catering and pay them separately.

Click here to inquire and we can tell you more details!

What to Do If It Rains on Your Wedding Day

KK & Austin | Wedding at Loblolly Rise

What to Do If It Rains on Your Wedding Day. It’s not ideal, but you’ll survive (we promise).

Whether a drizzle or a downpour, rain is no reason to give up hope on your wedding day. Stormy weather is nobody’s ideal wedding forecast, but unfortunately, it’s out of your hands. Prepping for a rainy wedding day in advance (including checking out our shopping list) will save you a headache in the future.

Any couple having an outdoor wedding ceremony should confirm a weather backup plan at their venue. Thankfully, at Loblolly Rise there’s a backup plan! That way, if the forecast spontaneously calls for rain on your wedding day, you’ll have something to fall back on—and no reason to panic.

Talk to Loblolly Rise

You planned an outdoor wedding, but your only weather prep was crossing your fingers and praying to the rain gods—now it’s supposed to rain on your wedding day. Call your venue coordinator, or put them in touch with your wedding planner, and find out your options. KK & Austin wanted to have their ceremony on the big open end of the barn with their own backdrop.

Embrace It

Get ready to roll with the punches and welcome the weather—rain on your wedding day is actually good luck! If the rain brings wind and chilly temperatures too, arrange for heat lamps, offer blankets and make sure there’s plenty of hot coffee, tea, cider or cocoa. Provide enough umbrellas and rain boots for your guests—or, at the very least, for your wedding party. Plan a playful rainy photo session with your wedding party holding cute umbrellas and wearing colorful rain boots. Or sneak away with your soon-to-be spouse for a first look and romantic kiss under a shared umbrella. 

What to Do If It Rains on Your Wedding Day and What to Buy:

  1. Rain Boots
  2. Clear Umbrellas
  3. Maybe you weren’t serving coffee beforehand, but a rainy days calls for a cup of coffee, right?
  4. A good attitude…you can’t control the weather!

All images provided by Whitney Fletcher Photography

Booking Weddings for 2021 at Loblolly Rise | Venue Wedding Venue in Thomasville & Tallahassee

Booking Weddings for 2021 at Loblolly Rise | Venue

See our calendar for available wedding dates! Crazy, but a lot of our Saturdays are already booked for the year 2020, so we are now booking for the year 2021. What?! Even saying “2021” is hard to say! Schedule your tour today before you miss out on your date. Keep in mind March and October are the most popular wedding months of the year, so if that’s what you’re looking for please get with us soon!

Is your date already taken? Bummer! Keep in mind we offer Friday and Sunday weddings at a discounted rate….you get the exact same thing but it’s just less money honey!

Another tip for picking out the perfect wedding date…find a Sunday date that has a holiday that falls on Monday, such as MLK weekend or Veteran’s Day weekend. Your guest can still party it up but have Monday off to get that rest in before they go back to work or fly back home.

These golden hour pictures taken by Whitney Fletcher Photography are proof that waiting for the perfect hour is worth it!

The images above are from an Elopement Wedding held at Loblolly Rise. If you don’t want or can’t afford the big wedding but still want the wedding of your dreams…well it’s possible! Send us an email and we can help you plan and execute your big day! The collection includes…the cake, the flowers, the photography, the officiant, ceremony site, reception site, the bridal cabin for getting ready, wine, beer, champaign, lots and lots of candles, the tables, the decor, overnight stay in our bridal cabin, and more. Elopement weddings are so intimate, beautiful, and easy! You won’t regret this option! Booking Weddings for 2021 at Loblolly is an easy process, we are here to help you!

Wedding Venue Located between Tallahassee and Thomasville | Wedding Venue in Thomasville

Wedding Venue Located between Tallahassee and Thomasville

{ Loblolly Rise}

Why Choose Loblolly Rise?

Your guests can look outside at the beautiful views and enjoy the smells and sounds of the beautiful outdoors. Barns are a great place to experience the best weddingday possible, as the indoor and outdoor spaces generate a feeling of inspiration, hope, love, and joy.

The barn wedding trend hasn’t changed much over the years. Instead, this venue style continues to alter itself by offering up a flexible space to couples who can create their own venue however they want.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider hosting your wedding at Loblolly Rise, which is located between Tallahassee and Thomasville.

Barns Offer up A Ton of Space!

Loblolly Rise: Wedding Venue Near Me

If you choose to host your ceremony and reception at the same venue, a barn setting is a perfect place. You can have an outdoor ceremony and bring the party inside for dinner and dancing.

Barn Weddings Have More Fun

More couples are looking to create an experience for their guests. Of course, we should all expect to have a fun evening out at any wedding celebration, but a barn venue offers more space for guests to roam indoors and outdoors.

There’s just something about a barn wedding that tells your guests they’re in for a good time.

And, the barn venue offers up opportunities that you may not find at a venue in the city, such as fire pits, yard games and you can bring your fur pets too!

Barns Can Be Rustic, or Luxurious

We all know what to expect from a ballroom, hotel or country club wedding. With a barn setting, you’re able to decorate it however you like and Loblolly Rise already offers so many decorations.

Wedding Venue Located between Tallahassee and Thomasville

Audi & Keeley | SOLARI Productions | Weddings at Loblolly Rise

Keeley and Audi’s Video from their fun, beautiful wedding is below! So perfect! Congrats to you both and thank you to Solari Productions for putting this together AND sending us a copy here at Loblolly Rise Plantation!

Why Hire A Videographer?

Wedding videos encapsulate the emotions of the day. It’s so important to hire a professional videographer who will not only capture the raw footage of your big day, but also edit it down to create an emotional movie, frequently set to music, that will truly tell the story of your wedding from start to finish

Here are some reasons why hiring a wedding videographer should be at the top of your list. 

Your videographer will capture movement and sound.

Still photos provide an image of a moment in time, but wedding videos capture both movement and sound. With a wedding video, you’ll be able to hear your spouse gasp during your first look, your dad’s toast and your mom’s laughter. You’ll be able to watch your first kiss as newlyweds, your first dance, and your grandmother’s amazing dance moves. For as beautiful and artistic as still photos can be, they cannot capture motion or sound—which makes a wedding video a must-have.

Wedding videos encapsulate the emotions of the day. 

It’s so important to hire a professional videographer who will not only capture the raw footage of your big day, but also edit it down to create an emotional movie, frequently set to music, that will truly tell the story of your wedding from start to finish. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry—it’s the closest thing to reliving your wedding day.

You won’t see everything on your wedding day—but your video will. 

Your wedding day will go by very quickly, and unfortunately, you won’t be able to see everything. For example, you won’t be able to watch your flower girl walk down the aisle while you’re waiting in the wings. You won’t see your mother-in-law shed a tear while you’re saying your vows. You might not see your parents dancing cheek-to-cheek while you’re mingling with guests. But a videographer can capture these moments on film, and allow you to watch them as though you were really there, and see even more moments than you were able to on your wedding day.

Wedding videos are easily shareable. 

Nowadays, videographers are able to upload wedding videos onto platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. This allows you to easily share your wedding video with loved ones (instead of lugging tapes or CDs to your grandmother’s house). Your videographer may also be able to create short clips for you to share on social media. It makes hiring a videographer ideal for those who are having smaller or destination weddings—you can help family members and friends who were unable to attend feel like they were actually there.

You can watch your wedding video again and again. 

While you can’t hang your wedding video on your wall and see it every day like you can with your photos, you can find special times to watch it and let the memories come flooding back. Host a viewing bash with your wedding party, or watch it every year on your anniversary. Your wedding video will make a special occasion even more special. 

Wedding Video Link…


Dance the Night Away at Loblolly Rise Plantation | Wedding Venues

How to Get People to Dance at your Wedding!

We asked a few wedding insiders, such as Wedding Venues, to break it down for us.

  1. Listen to your DJ.
  2. Create a floor plan conducive to dancing.
  3. Start the night off on a high note.
  4. See More: Spotify Reveals 2018’s Most Popular Wedding and First Dance Songs Globally.
  5. Mix up the music.
  6. Make sure there’s a bar nearby.
  7. Engage the audience.

One of the highlights of your wedding reception will likely be dancing the night away surrounded by your nearest and dearest. A packed wedding dance floor is the ultimate sign of an amazing party—and an empty one is a huge mood-killer. So how do you keep your guests out of their seats and dancing, as opposed to mingling at their tables or, even worse, congregating in the venue lobby or bathroom? 

Want your guests on the dance floor all night long? Check out these expert tips!

Let the pros control the playlist.

The average wedding reception includes about 50 songs—and you don’t have to choose each and every one of them. Feel free to provide a few important songs to your band or DJ (and a “do not play list”, but give them the freedom to read your crowd and choose songs accordingly. “There are some really important questions to ask yourself,” says Eytan Nicholson of Sugarbabies Inc. in Allston, Massachusetts. “Do you care more about a specific playlist that you think represents you? Or do you care more about your guests’ experience?” 

“Let the DJ do what he/she was hired to do,” adds Paul Churchill of Bozeman DJ Entertainment in Bozeman, Montana. “Your 90’s alternative collection is fun to dance to behind closed doors, but it may not be what will get the dance floor going.”

Manage your expectations.

The size of your guest list will have a big impact on the wedding dance floor. “If there are only 60 guests in attendance, the dance floor probably won’t be packed all night long,” says Paul of Bozeman DJ Entertainment. “If there are 200 guests, then there should be people on the dance floor consistently throughout the evening.” 

Take requests in advance.

Allowing your wedding guests to make song requests may make them more interested in staying on the dance floor at wedding venues. The best way to field requests? Include a section on your wedding website that allows guests to share their song requests. That way, you can review them (just in case your troublemaking cousin tries to add that tune he knows you hate), and pass them on to your music pro. Many bandleaders and DJs will only take requests from the couple during the reception, and may be wary of any guest song suggestions.

Fall Weddings at Loblolly Rise Plantation | Calin & Blake

Fall Weddings: Cooler temps, cozy scarves, and pumpkin spice everything. If we’re speaking your language, a fall wedding may be right up your alley.

Fall Wedding Pros & Cons

There are tons of advantages to getting married in the fall:

  • Gorgeous foliage
  • Typically temperate weather
  • Lots of seasonally-inspired décor

Autumn Color Palette

Do a Google image search for “Fall Weddings” and you’ll no doubt see tons of deep reds, oranges, and browns. Although this color palette mimics the changing of the leaves and provides natural warmth to any style of décor, don’t be boxed in by the “fall foliage” feel!

Wanna get a bit more modern with your fall color palette? Consider using gold or copper for a bit of glitz and glam, deep plum and emerald green for elegance, or neutral shades like champagne, cream, and slate gray.

Five different fall wedding color palettes

Working With What’s In Season

When you buy what’s in season, you get food and flowers at the peak of their supply when costs are normally lower. Plus, when they’re locally grown they don’t need to be shipped halfway around the globe. So not only do you save money, but you also reduce your carbon footprint. Win-win.

Fall Wedding Food

The fall harvest boasts some comforting eats. In-season vegetables include root veggies like turnips and rutabagas, along with all sorts of squash, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes. How does a steaming bowl of butternut squash soup sound for a starter?

Colorful fruits like apples, cranberries, pears, and pomegranates are also available in abundance. Besides incorporating these fruits into your menu, consider decorating your cake with them, or giving some of these edible beauties as wedding favors.

Hollowed out mini pumpkins filled with soup

tPoz Photography | Chef’s Expressions

Fall Wedding Flowers

While many flowers bloom year-round, there are some in-season fall flowers that are pure wedding perfection:

  • Dahlias are absolutely gorgeous in a wedding bouquet, and deep burgundy dahlias are especially beautiful in the fall.
  • Garden roses are the perfect alternative to peonies this time of year.
  • Anemones, with their striking black centers, are a sophisticated addition to a bouquet.
  • Marigolds come in festive fall colors of gold, orange, and red.
  • Sunflowers add a touch of sunshine to any fall affair.
  • Protea is an unexpected addition to a super-unique bridal bouquet.

We love the idea of using autumnal foliage, seasonal berries, or even acorns as part of your floral arrangements or table décor. You may also want to check out in-season fillers such as scabiosa pods, which lend a modern yet rustic touch.

Schedule a tour today at Loblolly Rise Plantation!